Come Face to Face with Wild Chimpanzees

The most popular activity in Kibale is chimpanzee-tracking, which starts at either 08:00 or 14:00. The activity usually lasts around 3 hours and you will get to spend about one hour with the chimps. Two large communities have been habituated, each with more than 80 individuals. The chances of seeing chimps at Kibale are the best in Uganda, with a 95% success rate. Other primate species may also be seen during the tracking, but the focus is very much on the chimps.

If you want more time with the chimps, then you can opt for a pre-dawn start and the whole day participating in the chimpanzee-habituation experience. This gives a unique insight into the daily life of the chimpanzees.

The start point for both is Kanyanchu, 20 minutes drive from the lodge.

Please let us know if we can assist with obtaining your chimpanzee permits from the national park headquarters, which are very close to Isunga Lodge.

Guided Nature Walks/ Birding in Kibale

Guided nature walks lasting a few hours provide a good opportunity of seeing more of the varied wildlife of Kibale, including some of the other 12 primate species, birdlife and butterflies.

Night walks through the forest start at 19:30 and last up to 2 hours, with the chance of seeing nocturnal creatures such as bushbabies, potto, nightjar and tree hyrax. Birders can opt for the more specialised birdwatching walk, starting at 07:00, or even spend a few rewarding hours around the visitor centre itself.

Bigodi Swamp

The Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary is 6km from Kanyanchu, outside the national park. The 3 hour guided 4.5km walk around the wetland can be done in the morning or afternoon. Several different species of monkeys are often seen on the walk, and over 200 bird species have been recorded. Tell the guides if you have a special interest in birds.

The sanctuary is run by the Kibale Association for Rural and Environmental Development (KAFRED), and money generated from the activities is used to fund community projects in Bigodi, including a school and clinic.

Guided walks around Isunga Lodge

A range of guided walks can be done directly from the lodge. These can be varied according to your interests. Walk along the forest edge, through the community (including a visit to the Friday village market or local school), through tea plantations or walk to the crater lake through some natural forest, looking for primates on the way.

Guided walks from the lodge cost 5 - 10 USD per person.

Further afield, a short drive takes you to Lake Kifaruka, the starting point for a guided walk to the Mahoma Falls. Several crater lakes can be viewed on the way to the falls.


Birding walks can be arranged from the lodge and you can choose to bird around the forest edge, the community or around the nearest crater lake, Lake Nyabikere.

Mountain biking

Explore the stunning landscape around the lodge and the crater lakes by guided mountain bike tour. Our routes get you off the beaten track and let you experience local life close up while you cycle along single tracks through small villages and farms. See the crater lakes and enjoy wonderful views of forest and the Rwenzori Mountains.

We use good quality hardtail mountain bikes imported from the UK (supplied with helmets and water bottles). Rides are flexible to suit your needs and physical fitness and can be arranged for half or full day duration.

Half day mountain biking: 15 USD per person

Full day mountain biking: 25 USD per person

Boat Rides

Boat rides can be arranged for sightseeing on one of the crater lakes. It may be possible to combine this with guided walks or mountain bike rides.

Boda Tours

Explore the beautiful surrounding area by motorcycle with an experienced, knowledgeable guide. Affordable tours let you visit the crater lakes, Kibale Forest and the local community.

Safari Tours & Travel

We can organise tours, transport and accommodation around Uganda. Please contact us for details.